Tainting Evidence

Inside the scandals at the FBI Crime Lab
by John Kelly & Phillip K. Wearne

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The truth behind some of this century's most publicized cases is revealed!

The UnabomberKey evidence was not properly examined - a primary examiner was determined to be incompetent.

O.J. Simpson:  Science and research underpinning the FBI's DNA typing methods is flawed.  The FBI has tried to prevent the release of data proving so.

Oklahoma City:  The FBI Lab disposed of crucial evidence and FBI Lab examiners worked backward, following no protocols and ignoring precautions against evidence contamination.

Ruby Ridge:  FBI Lab lost evidence and refused to do tests that might have incriminated law enforcement officers.  A lab technician was told to destroy a computer drawing that implicated an FBI sniper in a fatal shooting.

Jeffrey MacDonald, M.D.:  FBI Lab examiner filed false affidavit.  Suppression of evidence was all in a day's work at the lab.


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Tainting Evidence - Inside the Scandals at the FBI Crime Lab
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